The 10th congress of Iranian reformist party, Mardomsalari (democracy) whose candidates are running for the upcoming Majlis (parliament) election was held in Tehran.

According to Khabar Online political correspondent, at the congress Mostafa Kavakebian, the lawmaker and secretary general of Mardomsalari Party uttered his views on the Majlis election.
"Our party is to participate at the Majlis election to fulfill its religious duty based on the will made by the late Imam Khomeini that all members of the Iranian society should vote at the national elections." he underlined.
Noting that compared with the earlier editions, the 10th Congress of Iranian Mardomsalari Party is held in a different political climate, Kavakebian said: "We are facing numerous problems, but they don't justify that we withdraw from the election."
Mardomsalari Party split from the Islamic Solidarity Party and was founded in 2000. The party organ newspaper press is also called ‘Mardomsalari’.
Kavakebian (Ph.D) is the representative of Semnan and Mahdishahr at Majlis who teaches political science at Allameh Tabatabai University in Tehran. He is also the Editor-in-Chief of ‘Mardomsalari’ newspaper.
Kavakebian went on to say: "Ruling is a trust people leave with the government. People are those who must select and the owners of political and economic powers are not authorized to choose on behalf of people."
"On the other hand, people should not leave their trust with those who are not qualified, and based on a divine order, meritocracy should prevail," the secretary general of Mardomsalari Party stated.
Elsewhere in his remarks, Kavakebian announced that 82 out of 170 candidates introduced by Mardomsalari Party have been approved, "Putting limitation on endorsing the nominees who are to stand for the Majlis election, leads to limited participation by people and it's exactly what the enemies of Iran are seeking," he said.
"The Guardian Council of the Islamic Republic of Iran must qualify or disqualify the candidates based on law and avoid judging them out of taste," the member of minority reformist faction of Majlis added.
Referring to the faults within the Majlis election law, Kavakebian said: "A bill should be passed by Majlis which defines the qualification of nominees a few months before the election." 
Earlier the executive bodies of Iran’s Interior Ministry disqualified many registered candidates mostly those who are among the critics of the government of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.
Several reformist nominees as well as Principlist figures including Ali Mottahari and Hamid Reza Katouzian who are currently the members of the Majlis were notably disqualified by the Interior Ministry.
The candidates who had been disqualified by the Interior Ministry referred their case to the Guardian Council- which supervises the elections in Iran and has the final say on vetting the nominees and defining their qualification- and many of them were eventually approved.  
More than 4500 nominees have registered for the Majlis election. The poll is scheduled to be held on March 2, 2012.


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