Speaking to the 19th UNHRC session in Geneva, Iran General Secretary of high council for human rights denounced the report of Special Reapporteur on the situation of Human Rights in Iran.

“The submitted report, in which we had placed some initial hopes, in the meantime amounted to nothing more than the repetition of a barrage of unsubstantiated and biased contentions traditionally levied against the governance of Iran”, referring to Ahmed Shahid’s Report, Javad Larijani added: “  In view of the above development, we regretfully consider the appointment of the Special Rapporteur as not a measure that may strengthen the status of the Human Right Council as an impartial and apolitical international organization, rather a measure that served but to weaken the stature of the former and its procedure for the appointment of Special Rapporteur before the free conscience of the world and particularly the peoples of the Islamic Republic of Iran.”
According to Larijani, the Special Reapporteur has obviously failed to abide by the provisions of Article 13 of the Code of Conduct for Special Procedures Mandate  holders of the Human Rights Council that underscore the importance of integrity, independence and impartiality which his status requires for the promotion and protection of human rights.
Criticizing Ahmed Shahid’s report to be dependent on some terrorist groups like MKO and some of Iranian opposition websites, larijani said: Although the Rapporteur presents himself as committed to constructive interaction with the Islamic Republic of Iran and despite meeting with a number of officials and representatives of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s civil society, he has made no constructive reference to their contentions. Conversely, meetings with certain groups including one specific terrorist group have been extensively mentioned in the report and their spurious claims have been without further investigation portrayed as the truth.
“We expressed our readiness to provide all the necessary information to the Office of High Commissioner and the Special Rapporteur to prepare impartial, factual, substantiated and well documented reports,” Larijani affirmed “Despite our strong opposition to the above said resolutions and the garbled reports of the Special Rapporteur.


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