Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman says UN Rights Rapporteur Ahmed Shaheed has used sources provided by criminal and terrorist groups to prepare his latest report on the human rights situation in Iran.

“As long as such measures are taken on political grounds and sources provided to such people [as Ahmed Shaheed]…are supplied by terrorist groups, the result will be nothing better than these false reports,” Ramin Mehmanparast said.

Speaking to reporters in his weekly press conference on Tuesday, the spokesman added that Iran considers such reports as incorrect and believes this is not a good way to investigate human rights issues.

“Western countries and their terrorist lackeys are the main violators of human rights in our country and we have in our country the highest number of martyrs among scientific and nuclear elite,” he said.

Mehmanparast further stated that Iran is a major victim of terrorist activities.

“Iran acts in a highly responsible manner for the realization of human rights in all countries and many remarkable steps have been taken in our country and we have been, and still are, ready to cooperate with human rights bodies and [the UN] High Commissioner for Human Rights,” he added.

On June 17, 2011, the UN Human Rights Council, under pressure from the United States and its allies, named former Maldivian Foreign Minister Ahmed Shaheed as its human rights investigator on Iran.

In his latest Iran report released on March 7, Shaheed claimed that Iran has demonstrated a striking pattern for violating fundamental human rights.

Tehran insists that the appointment of a UN Special Rapporteur on Iran's human rights is a selective, politically-motivated and unacceptable move.

Iran also blames Western governments, the US administration in particular, for persistently violating international laws, disregarding basic rights of their citizens and backing violations of human rights by despotic regimes across the globe.
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