An Iranian lawmaker says US-sponsored allegations about Tehran plotting to assassinate the Saudi envoy aimed to create tension between Iran and its neighboring countries.

“Egypt is one of the most important countries in the region which is considered the Achilles’ heel of the Zionist regime [of Israel] and creating tension between Egypt and Iran will be a major point scored for the US,” member of the Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Committee Mohammad Karamirad stated Wednesday.

He added that the Muslim nations of the Middle East should protect their common interests by rejecting US claims against Iran.

On Tuesday, May 1, the legal advisor of the Saudi Embassy in Cairo told local dailies that Egyptian intelligence had foiled an Iranian plot to assassinate the Kingdom’s ambassador three months ago.

Sami Jamal was quoted by the daily Al-Hayat as saying that Egypt’s security services have arrested three Iranians in connection with planning to assassinate the Saudi ambassador, Ahmed Qattan.

“The Saudi claim that the Egyptian security services have foiled a plot by three Iranian citizens to assassinate the Riyadh diplomat in Cairo is a form of dancing to the US tune,” the Iranian lawmaker said.

Noting that Iranophobia is a regular agenda pursued by the West in the region, he said under present circumstances when the US aims to keep regional countries locked in dispute, Islamic states must try and protect their common interests in the Middle East.

“Assassinating the Saudi ambassador [to Egypt] is one of those scenarios that the US fosters in order to disturb Iran's relations with its neighboring countries,” Fars News Agency quoted Karamirad as saying.

The lawmaker added that as a major victim of terrorism Iran has been a pioneer in fighting it.
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