Iran’s Zarif has said Iran has ‘neutralize’ Zionist project of Iranophobia.

Mohammad Javad Zarif who was addressing the 7th Islamic Radio and Television Union meeting in the IRIB international conference hall said that “with the God’s blessings and teachings of Imam Khomeini (RA), we succeeded to neutralize the Zionist’s long-term and well-funded project of Iranophobia.”

Zarif called all Islamic media for attempts to propagate and support Islamic values and converge on specific issues of importance for Islamic world, “which Palestinian issue is on the top.”

He demanded that Islamic media reflects a true image of Islam to the world. “Islamic media should abandon petty religious differences in the favor of higher Islamic Umma interests,” he added. “These media could accelerate the pace of communication of the news in the Islamic world through improving their technical and logistical infrastructure and relying on rich Islamic values and common tenets, and emulate the best media in the world in stealing the limelight in an attempt to overthrow the monopoly of the west over the media galaxy,” Zarif demanded.

He also believed that the grounds for such a feat were truly prepared only to be exploited.

The foreign minister highlighted the western media-led Iranophobia project. “Today, the Islamic Republic of Iran has successfully targeted the most horrible propaganda industry embarked on by the Zionists against Iran and Islam under the general name of ‘securitizing the Islamic Republic’ relying on its strong rational and its full capacity,” Zarif added, “ with the results that Netanyahu and his colleagues now would not have media safe haven.”

Zarif maintained that in any campaign against violence, “before any other hardware, we need propaganda and countervailing the impact of false mentality fostered by adversaries.”

Zarif believed focusing on common interests especially the danger of Zionism as the ‘secrets of the success in fighting extremism and violence. “I hope that with such an opportunity provided by this meeting for elites in the Islamic media, we will see a convergence of voices supporting peace, justice and security for all,” Zarif told the meeting in his closing remarks.

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