Governor of Mashhad: The assailant of three clerics in Mashhad has been influenced by Takfiri thoughts

The governor of Mashhad announced on Monday afternoon that the person who stabbed three active clerics in the holy shrine of Razavi in the city of Mashhad had takfiri thoughts.

One Iranian cleric was stabbed to death and two others were injured on Tuesday in a rare attack at Iran's largest Shiite religious complex in the northeastern city of Mashhad.

According to Naderi, one of the clerics in Mashhad was killed and two other clerics were wounded in the attack with the knife of Hojjatoleslam Aslani.
The assailant was arrested by pilgrims and servants at the crime scene and handed over to the police. Police are investigating the incident.

Mashhad Governor Naderi said that this person committed this crime under the influence of Takfiri thoughts.

While still no further details have been released on the perpetrator, an official has said that "The identity of the arrested assailant is under investigation," but there are saying in cyberspace that he would be an Afghan national.

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