Zionist regime forced to accept truce: Hezbollah official

Deputy Chief of Lebanon’s Hezbollah Resistance Movement, Sheikh Naeem Qasim has stressed the fact that the Zionist regime has been forced to accept the ceasefire.

If we want to evaluate the events in Gaza, we must say that after 49 days, it was decided to establish a temporary cease-fire that could be extended, and Israeli regime did not want a cease-fire but was forced to accept it, Naeem Qasim said on Saturday.

The Zionist regime called for the release of prisoners through a ground attack and not a single prisoner was released through a ground attack, but almost 60 of them were also killed in this operation, he added.

One of the leaders of Hamas told us that the resistance infrastructure was not damaged during and after the end of the ceasefire, if the enemy returns, we will also return and they will see surprising actions that they have not seen in their lifetime, he added.

We are in the battle of right against wrong through Resistance, he further noted.

The battle for the liberation of the land from the invaders and the return of Holy Quds, he added.

The battle is not limited to the Palestinians, but it is the battle of all of us, it is the battle of cultural, social, moral, and political security, this battle is the battle of independence, he said.

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