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7 January 2024 - 17:27
China's Role in Resolving Gaza Conflict: A Call for Decisive Action

The situation in Gaza is getting worse daily and the human condition is getting more pathetic every minute, and the involvement of different countries, including China, can have significant implications. 

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict, particularly the situation in Gaza, has been a longstanding and contentious issue in international relations. The conflict involves political, territorial, and humanitarian dimensions, and it has drawn attention from various countries and international organizations.

Recently, I had the opportunity to translate Chinese President Xi Jinping's speeches in Persian Language. It is evident that China, a major global actor, holds an interest in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and is advocating for a peaceful resolution that respects the Palestinians' right to establish a state of their own. President Xi has regularly highlighted the importance of humanity, justice, equality, fairness and the right of all nations to live in peace in his speeches.

In recent years, China has increasingly sought to play a more active role in global affairs, including in the Middle East. While China has historically maintained a policy of non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries, it has also expressed concern for humanitarian issues and the rights of the Palestinian people.
All these human values and principles that Mr. Xi Jinping has been emphasizing on all these years are now related to the situation in Gaza Strip. Given President Xi Jinping's emphasis on human rights and equality, some analysts and observers have suggested that China could take a firmer stance on the developments in Gaza. This could involve advocating for greater humanitarian assistance, supporting diplomatic efforts to address the conflict, and reaffirming the rights of Palestinians.

China's Role in Resolving Gaza Conflict: A Call for Decisive Action

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China's position on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is influenced by various factors, including its diplomatic and economic relations with Israel, its growing economic ties with the Middle East, especially Arab states, and its broader foreign policy objectives. As such, any China's firmer stance on Gaza would be considered very effective on the context of these factors.
Xi Jinping personally has made several comments about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the rights of the Palestinian people. His comments have emphasized the need for a peaceful resolution, and serious attention to the inalienable rights of Palestinians. Here are three important comments made by Xi Jinping related to Palestinian rights and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict:

1. In a speech at the United Nations General Assembly in 2015, Xi Jinping expressed China's support for the establishment of a fully sovereign and independent Palestinian state. He emphasized the need for a comprehensive, just, and lasting settlement to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

2. During a meeting with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in 2017, Xi Jinping reaffirmed China's support for the Palestinian people's legitimate rights and interests. He stressed the importance of achieving a political solution to the conflict and reiterated China's commitment to promoting peace in the Middle East.

3. In a message to the Arab League in 2018, Xi Jinping reiterated China's support for the Palestinian cause and emphasized the need for a political settlement based on relevant United Nations resolutions and the principle of "land for peace."

Though Xi Jinping's comments have consistently emphasized China's support for the Palestinian people's rights and the need for a peaceful resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, they have not explicitly mentioned a two-state solution. However, China has consistently called for the establishment of an independent Palestinian state, which aligns with the broader concept of a two-state solution.

In light of Xi Jinping's statements on human values and the country's ambition to lead the world during this transitional period, and taking into account its positive stances on the right of Palestinians and having good relations with both sides of the conflict, it is imperative for this country to take more decisive actions and adopt stronger and clearer positions to put an end to the Israelis ongoing violence in Gaza, rather than allowing more innocent lives to be lost.

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