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22 January 2012 - 23:18

Iran's First Vice President Mohammad-Reza Rahimi says bullying powers are greatly discontented with growing Tehran-Baghdad relations and seek to sabotage the two countries' relations.

In a meeting with visiting Iraqi Oil Minister Abd al-Karim Luaybi in Tehran on Saturday, Rahimi said Iran and Iraq share common areas of interest, and that the two neighboring Muslim states should further upgrade their relations, especially in the field of oil, energy and regional energy, to transform themselves into major regional and international powers.

The senior Iranian official said arrogant powers are disgruntled with the increasing level of diplomatic ties between Iran and Iraq, and try to disrupt these relations.

Rahimi said security in the region must be ensured by regional countries. He underlined that the presence of foreign forces in the Middle East under the pretext of establishment of security only endangers regional security.

Iran, unlike outsiders that seek their own interests in the Middle East, is interested in the promotion of global peace and tranquility as well as friendship among all world nations, Rahimi pointed out.

Iran's first vice president also called on foreign forces to pull out of the Middle East, and allow regional states to provide security on their own.

Luaybi, for his part, said the two countries will soon witness important and effective steps in the field of oil cooperation.

He said enemies pursue certain goals in the region via different scenarios, stressing the need for further development of Baghdad-Tehran relations.
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