Just two days before opening of the 30th Fajr International Film Festival, Amir Esfandiari the head of International Affairs of the festival talked about Iranian International Market for Films and TV Programs and other international sections of FIFF.

He emphasized on IFM importance in the region and Asia. Amir Esfandiari has judged in many International Film Festivals such as “Cairo International Film Festival”, “Golden Apricot (Armenia Film Festival)”, Fajr International Film Festival and many others. He is well-known in Iranian cinema because of his international relations which always has helped Iranian cineastes.  
How do you see the international sections of 30th FIFF?
Regarding the different sections of the Festival, you find the international section of 30th FIFF more productive. There are remarkable films in World Panorama, Eastern Vista and Cinema of Salvation sections. Besides, jury members of international sections include professional directors and producers of cinema.”
How would the jury judge the films of international sections?
20 cinema experts from Iran and abroad will judge the International Cinema Competition, of whom 15 are guests from abroad and five of them are Iranian cineastes.
The jury of each section includes five or seven members except Interfaith Cinema. The jury of this section includes three members.
How many countries will attend in 30th FIFF?
63 countries will attend 30th FIFF in different sections of the festival and IFM. Many countries and companies were interested in attending the 15th IFM, so we tried to be selective and choose the best and most significant film companies for the 15th IFM.
What is your prediction for 15th IFM?
This year Iranian International Market for Films and TV Programs (IFM) will be 15 years old. One of the goals of this event from the very beginning was making it as one of the most important film markets in the region. Today, we see that not only we have achieved that goal and IFM is now the most important film market in the region, but it’s an important event even in the whole Asia. Comparing with other markets in the region, IFM is more thriving. There are some countries that attend in IFM almost every year; it shows that this event is so profitable for them. Numerous film markets in the region such as Antalia film market have already failed although huge investments.
What is the most important characteristic of the IFM?
The most important characteristic of IFM is that there is opportunity to see those Iranian films that are not available in other film markets. Another thing is organization and planning of the film market. I believe that the International Market environment should provide advertising facilities for companies. It also should provide opportunity for meetings. Finally, it should provide a proper environment for those professionals who want be active in Film markets. I think Iranian IFM have been successful during these years because it has been tried to pay attention to those critical factors.
Is it possible for Market attendees to see films as well?
One of the differences between FIFF and other film festivals is that we screen all of the Iranian films for guests from abroad and it’s because Iranian cinema is well-known in the world, so international guests are eager to see Iranian films and they may add their favorite films into their purchase list. So screening Iranian films for foreign guests is some thing unique about FIFF. We scheduled the festival in the way that guest can both attend in the market and see their favorite films.  
This year 3D films will be screened for the first time in FIFF, what is your idea about this event?
If screening of the 3D films goes as I expected, it would be a remarkable event and it also will be a new and interesting experience for Iranian Cinema especially for Iranian audiences.
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