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27 June 2012 - 17:43

Statement by the Islamic Republic of Iran in 20th Session of the Human Rights Council On ID with COI on Syria, 27 June 2012

Madam President
We have taken note of the oral report of COI on Syria. We would like to put forward the following comments and observations in this regard.
We reiterate our firm position that the Islamic Republic of Iran categorically condemns any violence in Syria. We acknowledge the work done by the COI, in accordance with its mandate, to continue to recognize and document human rights violations committed by all parties without distinction.
We are convinced that a one-sided condemnation of the Syrian government and its diplomatic isolation, coupled with unconditional support for the opposition, are not conducive to a peaceful settlement but instead encourage the opposition to continue armed struggle instead of turning to political negotiations to help Syrians decide their future independently through the political process.

Madam President

The entire international community is interested in evading civil war in Syria. Therefore it is necessary to make every effort to launch an inclusive political process in Syria, involving both the authorities and opposition groups.
We agree with the COI that the further militarization of the crisis will be catastrophic for the people and the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic and also for the entire region. Therefore ,we strongly believe that the smuggling of arms and explosives will only endanger the peaceful solutions, put the negotiations at risk and help the perilous situation on the verge of internal conflict with all its consequences to the whole region.
We concur with the COI that the Joint Special Envoy’s Six-Point Plan, offers the best framework for a resolution of the conflict and that the best solution is one of a negotiated settlement involving an inclusive dialogue among the parties. We believe that Annan’s effort is the last chance to avoid a long and bloody civil war in Syria. That chance must not be missed.
We are convinced that civil war can be avoided and that the Syrians can overcome the current crisis, if all the outside players act together. The main aim must be to help create conditions in which the Syrians themselves can sort things out.

Finally, we alarm the world powers to concentrate on ending spiralling violence rather proposing illegitimate solutions for the conflict. Thus the international community must avoid any act ignores and violates the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria.
Thank you


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