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10 June 2020 - 21:05
Rouhani: Iranians break US knee by unity

President Hassan Rouhani said on Wednesday that Thanks to solidarity, Iranian nation broke the US knee driving the US Administration to desperation vis-a-vis the US sanctions in the emergency occasion of the pandemic.

Addressing the Wednesday cabinet meeting, Rouhani said that the US has so far been the worst country with regard to fighting coronavirus.

Along history, the US administrations lacks credibility, but the new one has become more unreliable, President Rouhani said, adding that it violated all international Law and Norms. The US has a long record of violating International Law of different nations including the oppressed people of Palestine.

An administration which has adopted the worst method, has had the most casualties and has created problems for its own people is not qualified for managing the big country of the United States, he added.

Negligence to contain coronavirus pandemic by the US Administration and its aftermath causing enormous deaths which could have been avoided has led to public outcry in addition to the supremacist attitude of the US police in conduct with the black Americans and the police violence have been supported by Trump White House.  

Elsewhere in his remarks, Iranian president referred to knee-on-the-neck as an old and ever-lasting policy in the US, saying through history they pressured on oppressed people's neck.

The US administration is still hatching conspiracy , he said adding that they are angry with lifting arms embargo on Iran and are lobbying for a draft resolution to present to the United Nations Security Council.

Rouhani urged four permanent members of the United Nations Security Council to stand against US conspiracy.

We expect Russia and china to confront the US conspiracy for the sake of the interests under the nuclear deal known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

We are sure that all US conspiracies have so far been defeated and we will boost our defensive power.

He warned Americans to be aware of the fact that Iran will increase its defensive capability no matter what they want to do.

Despite the most difficult sanctions, Iran has designed the best air defense system and downed US drone, the president said.

He assured that Iranian government will spare no efforts for reducing pressures on people.

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