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11 October 2021 - 14:17
Iran’s wrestling shines in Oslo championships

Iran’s national Greco-Roman wrestling team scooped 4 gold and 2 bronze medals with 146 aggregate scores, winning the second world status in 2021 Oslo Championships. Meanwhile, Iran’s freestyle wrestling team won 3 gold, 3 silver and one bronze medals, retaining world’s third place in the same tournament.

Greco-Roman wrestling competitions ended in Oslo yesterday with Iran’s Meysam Dalkhani in 63k, Mohammad Reza Geraei in 67k, Mohammad Hadi Saravi in 97k, and Ali Akbar Yousefi in 130k categories winning gold medals.

Also, Mohammad Ali Geraei in 77k and Pejman Poshtan in 82k categories won bronze medals.

In the overall ranking, Iran’s team gained 146 scores, winning the world second status. Russia and Republic of Azerbaijan gained respectively 152 and 107 scores, securing the first and third places.

Iran’s Greco-Roman wrestling team first gained the world first status in 2014. It has also won a world second in 2009 and two world thirds in 2011 and 2017.

The team managed to send four wrestlers to the finale and gain four golds, too, for the first time since 1961 Japan championships.

Iranian Greco-Roman wrestling team also made history with the total number of seven medals in 2021 Oslo championships.

Here is individual ranking of the tournament based on weight:

55.0 kg: 1- Matsui, Ken (Japan); 2- Sefershaev, Emin (Russia); 3- Azizli, Eldaniz (Azerbaijan Republic) and Tsurtsumia, Nugzari (Georgia)… 11- Sajjad Abbaspour (Iran)

60.0 kg: 1- Ciobanu, Victor (Moldavia); 2- Sharshenbekov, Zholaman (Kyrgyzstan); 3- Maryanyan, Stepan (Russia) and Mammadov, Murad (Azerbaijan Republic)… 8- Mehdad Mardani (Iran)

63.0 kg: 1- Dalkhani, Meysam (Iran); 2- Abuladze, Leri (Georgia); 3- Shimizu, Kensuke (Japan) and Temirov, Lenur (Ukraine)

67.0 kg: 1- Geraei, Mohammad Reza (Iran); 2- Abdullaev, Nasir Rachidovich (Russia); 3- Kebispayev, Almat (Kazakhstan) and Zoidze, Ramaz (Georgia)

72.0 kg: 1- Amoyan, Malkhas (Armenia); 2- Kutuzov, Sergey (Russia); 3- Sahakyan, Gevorg (Armenia) and Sleiva, Kristupas (Lithuania)… 5- Mohammad Reza Mokhtari (Iran)

77.0 kg: 1- Vlasov, Roman (Russia); 2- Suleimanov, Sanan (Azerbaijan Republic); 3- Geraei, Mohammadali (Iran) and Schwarz, Roland (Germany)

82.0 kg: 1- Huseynov, Rafik (Azerbaijan Republic); 2- Akbudak, Burhan (Turkey); 3- Akiev, Adlan (Russia) and Poshtam, Pejman (Iran)

87.0 kg: 1- Datunashvili, Zurabi (Serbia); 2- Maskevich, Kiril (Belarus); 3- Gobadze, Lasha (Georgia) and Kulynycz, Arkadiusz (Poland)

97.0 kg: 1- Saravi, Mohammadhadi (Iran); 2- Szoeke, Alex (Hungary); 3- Hancock G'Angelo, Tracy (USA) and Sargsyan, Artur (Russia)

130.0 kg: 1- Yousofi, Aliakbar (Iran); 2- Gedekhauri, Zurabi (Russia); 3- Kajaia, Iakobi (Georgia) and Marvik, Oscar (Norway)

And here is team ranking of the tournament with their scores:

1- Russia 152

2- Iran 146

3- Azerbaijan Republic 107

4- Georgia 92

5- Turkey 66

6- Hungary 60

7- Japan 54

8- Armenia 49

9- Poland 46

10- Belarus 40

Before the recent tournament, the 2021 Oslo World Freestyle Wrestling Championships also were held in Norway, during which Iran’s Hassan Yazdani in 86k, Kamran Qassempour in 92k, and Amirhossein Zare in 125k won gold medals.

Also, Alireza Sarlak in 57k, Amirmohammad Yazdani in 65k, and Mohammad Nokhodi in 79k won silver medals and Mojtaba Golij in 97k bagged a bronze medal for Iran’s team.

Iran’s freestyle wrestling team gained 162 scores and won third world status in the tournament.

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