Iran-Iraq strategic cooperation to ensure regional security: Shamkhani

Vice Admiral Ali Shamkhani in a meeting with Iraqi Prime minister Mohammed Shia’ Sabbar Al-Sudani reiterated that strategic cooperation between Iran and Iraq will ensure security and development in the region.

He expressed certainty that Iraq will pass through the political and security difficulties, play effective role in the Arab and Islamic worlds, and its historical status as a major player in the regional and international developments.

During meeting with Prime Minister Al-Sudani, Shamkhani said that the Islamic Republic of Iran is always ready to contribute to broader security, stability and development of Iraq, adding, "A unified, solid and powerful Iraq will contribute to regional security."

Shamkhani pointed out that any kind of tension and crisis in Iran-Iraq joint border region disturbs the peace of mind of the people who live there, and is a factor against the development of border cities, which is why any kind of local, or foreign tension builders must be decisively confronted and uprooted.

He said that the terrorist acts by the armed anti-revolutionary mercenary groups and their agents, as well as their military and espionage threats, especially by the US in Iraq, must come to an end immediately which is of great importance.

"We must not permit the interests of the two countries fall prey to the US bulling acts and its terrorist mercenaries," he stressed.

The Iraqi prime minister, for his part, said in the meeting that the Iraqi government and nation always appreciate their Iranian brethren's supports and contributions, especially during the hard days, and will always remain appreciative.

"Martyrs General Qassem Soleimani and Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis are another sample of the two nations' side by side standing," he added.

Prime minister Mohammed Shia’ Sabbar Al-Sudani also said that the important security agreement signed between Tehran and Baghdad shows that the Iranian and Iraqi officials' views about security are quite the same.

"The Iraqi government based on the Constitution of the Republic of Iraq will not permit any their country used its soil to harm the security of Iran," he added.

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