A few days after Iran's Majlis (parliament) Speaker Ali Larijani commented on the answers given by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to the questions raised by MPs, saying that they were neither polite nor satisfactory.

According to Khabar Online's political correspondent, Parliament Speaker who managed that session of question and answer with patience and tolerance on Wednesday, censured the remarks made by
Ahmadinejad today.
The criticisms Iranian lawmakers made against the administration included violating 50 articles of the Constitution, rapid implementation of subsidy reform plan which cut energy and food subsidies compensating them with paying direct cash to people. After being implemented, the plan heightened the inflation rate and hiked up prices critically for the poor and the middle class.
Other setbacks included delay in allocating funds to the Metro of Tehran, measures adopted by the government in putting the ratified cultural plans into practice. But the resistance of Ahmadinejad against a decree issued by the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Ali Khamenei who reinstated Minister of Intelligence Heydar Moslehi.
Responding to several objections of MPs against the language and content of Ahmadinejad's replies who mostly shunned to give proper and convincing answers, Larijani rejected some allegations the head of the Iranian government made on the floor of Majlis.
He stated that unlike what Ahmadinejad claimed, the raised questions were directly related to the President’s responsibility. For instance, delay in introducing the Minister of Sports and Youth for the newly established ministry was a violation of law.
Moreover, using phrases and sentences such as "let's joke and have fun" or "some lawmakers have received their master's degree by just pushing a button" are below the dignity of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Parliament, and Majlis is not a place for joking and having fun.
The top Iranian legislator went on to say: "In my view, that was a good session. I both thank the lawmakers and the President. A session was held, the questions were posed and the answers were given."
"Now let's talk about answers. Although I myself notified the lawmakers to give up the debate, so much time was spent as they reacted to the President's barbed remarks. Evidently, they were not persuaded and satisfied with the answers," Larijani stated.
"It's not strange. The answers are always being judged and it's not certain what a minister or a president suggests as a reply convinces the Majlis," he said, adding "some may not be satisfied and persuaded. It's acceptable, however a kind of language and hurtful words were used by Mr. Ahmadinejad which could be avoided."
"I suppose this language should not be used since it's provoked the anger and resentment of some parliamentarians. I believe such language and verbal attacks have caused a problem in our country," Majlis Speaker asserted.
“One can utter his view courteously and sincerely. Why should one talk pungently to offend the others and turn an uncomplicated issue to a grudge?" he asked.
Larijani concluded: "Having said that, I think all these are marginal issues. The main issue is valuable because several questions were raised which should have been answered. Whether the replies were precise and persuasive is open to one more question."


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