Reformist cleric and former Vice President of Iran, Hojjat ol-Eslam Mohammad Ali Abtahi said the vote Mohammad Khatami cast at recent Majlis (parliament) election was noted by the public opinion of the world as the most significant news item on entire election.

Speaking to Khabr online today, Abtahi, a theologian, scholar, reformist activist and member of the central council of Iran’s Association of Combatant Clerics (Majma'e Rowhaniyoon-e Mobarez) [a reformist faction], commented on the future of Iran's reformism process.
"The reformist current must demarcate it's boundary with the groups which oppose the Islamic Republic of Iran's system, even if the reformist leaders are not active on the political scene of the country," he said.
Responding to a question on the situation of Iranian reformists in the Iranian year of 1390 (ended on March 19), former Vice President for Legal and Parliamentary Affairs suggested:
"Reformism is a reality within the Iranian society which is not influenced by transient developments, although in 1390 it did not find an opportunity to re-emerge."
"Having recourse to reformism is the only way that will enable the Islamic republic system to resolve the current problems. Reformism is a powerful current which its ideas has influenced our society, even if would not have any representative in the Majlis," Abtahi said.
As a close associate of former President Khatami, he maintained that Khatami's vote was put in the spotlight of the world media due to the fact that the peaceful current of reformism has numerous audiences in Iran.
He commented on the idea that Khatami's vote was impressively reflected in the media because he had already said that the reformists would conditionally run for the parliamentary election and otherwise would boycott that, and said: "In the final analysis, it was a significant move. As a result was notably reflected in the media."
Elsewhere in his remarks, Abtahi regarded Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as the prime political figure of 1390 and asserted: "From the time he took the presidential office, he has been the most controversial man on the scene of Iranian politics and also last year he was titled so."
At the disputed presidential election of June 2009 which led to the reinstatement of Ahmadinejad, Abtahi campaigned for ex-Majlis Speaker Mehdi Karroubi. He was then arrested and sentenced to six years in jail for what announced as intention and contribution to topple the government. 
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