Iran's Minister of Defense Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi said the Islamic Republic has a remarkable ability in producing unmanned aircrafts as its attack drones are already in production line.

According to Khabar Online correspondent, at a news conference held on the sidelines of a meeting on logistics of Islamic Republic of Iran's land force, Vahidi pointed out the power of Iran against the ongoing threats.
"The issue of asymmetric war, study on its various aspects and the prediction of doctrines, tactics and suitable armaments have always been on the agenda of the Islamic Republic's military forces as we have already made the plans," he said.
"Our military forces have anticipated areas where they can make the enemy unable to move. Such a war is not what we welcome, but if the enemy takes action, we will employ our entire potential in the complex areas of any war," Vahidi suggested.
He went on to say: "The enemy has already waged a cyber war against us. By using their viruses, they tried to penetrate into our military systems but the Islamic Republic emerged absolutely powerful in adopting defensive measures and eliminated the viruses."
"We have proved our power in the other areas including unmanned aircrafts and our military forces are ready to counter any type of attack the enemy may launch against us," The Minister of Defense stated.
He reiterated Iran's stance on the issue of giving back the advanced American stealth drone RQ-170 requested by the US officials: "we don't expect that an intrinsically domineering and aggressive system will easily change its attitude.”
 “A domineering system is fundamentally established to invade, but their formal plea for returning their spy drone reveals their tremendous weakness, since such espionage and violating acts are regarded as war and invasion."
After the successful operation of seizing the unmanned American stealth RQ-170 Sentinel aircraft the US President Barack Obama asked Iran to give the downed American reconnaissance plane back.
However Vahidi had told that the American espionage drone is now Iran's property, and Tehran will decide what steps to take regarding it.
Earlier the US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, in an exclusive interview with Fox News said that the stealth drone campaign along the Iran-Afghanistan border will “absolutely” continue.
The US officials have claimed that Iran is not able to carry out reverse-engineering on the drone to retrieve data. However Iran plans to put foreign spy drones it has in its possession on display in the near future, according to an informed source close to the Tehran Times.
National reporters and foreign ambassadors based in Tehran will be allowed to visit the exhibition.
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