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6 March 2020 - 23:50
Possible Human Crisis in Iran, Due to US Sanctions

The more Iran is unable to provide the health care it needs to control the coronavirus, the more serious its consequences will be for its people and throughout the West Asian region.

The outbreak in Iran is one of the world’s largest, with more than 2,300 confirmed cases and one hundred declared deaths. 
Iran is a very advanced country in terms of health care and its physicians are the most talented in the world and Its health system is one of the most powerful in the eastern Mediterranean, but US unilateral sanctions have put the country in serious trouble, especially when Tehran is supposed to fight against epidemic virus Covid-19.
While fighting against Coronavirus, US sanctions have now led Iran to some severe deficiencies in medical equipment such as masks, disinfectants, artificial lungs and special medical clothing. While Iran is one of few countries in the region who has the ability to produce many of these products domestically, it does not meet the widespread need of the community. Some experts say if it wasn’t for the powerful capacity of Iran in medical care the world had already bumped with a catastrophe. 
The current situation rooted in US sanctions, made Iranian foreign minister, Javad Zarif tweet: “Grateful to @WHO & friendly nations for solidarity in fighting #COVID19—in face of US #EconomicTerrorism, which has endangered Iranian patients. Urgent need in Iran for: - N95 Face & 3-Layer Masks - Ventilators - Surgical Gowns - Coronavirus Test Kits - PPF - Face/Body Shields.”

China on Thursday also urged the relevant parties of the international community to lift sanctions on Iran to help its government and people’s fight against novel coronavirus epidemic.
“I want to emphasize that at the critical moment of the Iranian government and people’s fight against the epidemic, the continued imposition of unilateral sanctions on Iran is tantamount to worsening, which is contrary to the spirit of humanitarianism,” Chinese Foreign Ministry’s Spokesperson Zhao Lijian said during his regular briefing.
The US sanctions are targeting non-military and humanitarian items such as food and drugs, which, accordingly, puts people’s safety at risk, and the sanctions are in violation of numerous articles of the UN Charter. 
Relying on its own capabilities, so far, with little help from the World Health Organization, China and a few other countries, Iran has been able to combat the coronavirus; but if the outbreak of the virus worsens, there may be a human disaster, due to US sanctions.

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